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Rare Bird Alerts - June 3, 2016

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Compiler/Transcriber: Andy Ednie (
Coverage: Delaware, Delmarva Peninsula, nearby Delaware Valley, Southern New Jersey, Maryland

For Friday, June 3rd, this is Birdline Delaware from the Delaware Museum of Natural History in Greenville. Happy Memorial Day everybody! The unofficial Delaware year list increased to 303 species this week.

This evening, 4 BLACK-BELLIED WHISTLING DUCKS were found along the Prime Hook Beach Road, to the right of the new bridge constructions just before the beach area. On last report this evening, the four ducks were seen flying east out over the Delaware Bay.

DICKCISSELS arrived in the state this week. A male DICKCISSEL was found on Sunday at the Charles E. Price Park in Middletown. The bird was seen in the back of the park by the berm near the Kestrel box. Also reported were EASTERN MEADOWLARK, GRASSHOPPER and SAVANNAH SPARROW, and HORNED LARK. Several GLOSSY IBIS was seen flying into the lake at Price Park. Another DICKCISSEL was found in Sussex County near Rehoboth Beach behind Tangiers Outlet to the right of the parking lot of the Breakwater Trail.

WHITE IBIS were seen again this week. A near adult WHITE IBIS was seen flying into Shearness Pool at Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge on Sunday, with a big flock of 85 GLOSSY IBIS. Other waders at Bombay Hook included TRICOLORED, LITTLE BLUE, and GREEN HERON, plus BLACK-CROWNED NIGHT HERON. The previous reported male RUFF and WILSON'S PHALAROPE were seen on Sunday morning at Bombay Hook, but not seen since. Originally seen in Raymond Pool, they were last seen at the back end of Shearness. Good numbers of shorebirds still remain at Bombay Hook including 40 AMERICAN AVOCETS, a peak count of 47 BLACK-NECKED STILTS, BLACK-BELLIED and SEMIPALMATED PLOVER, RUDDY TURNSTONE, LESSER and GREATER YELLOWLEGS, WILLETS, plus SPOTTED, STILT, LEAST, WHITE-RUMP, and SEMIPALMATED SANDPIPER, SHORT-BILLED DOWITCHER, and 3 AMERICAN WOODCOCK at sunset. Late waterfowl at Bombay Hook include a female BUFFLEHEAD at Raymond Pool, a female HOODED MERGANSER at Finis Pool, MUTE SWAN at Shearness Pool, NORTHERN SHOVELER, and RUDDY DUCK. Both WILD TURKEY and NORTHERN BOBWHITE, plus GRASSHOPPER SPARROW were seen by the Allee House. VIRGINIA RAIL and AMERICAN COOT were reported at Shearness Pool. Late migrants included AMERICAN REDSTART, ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK, and BOBOLINK. The refuge right now is teaming with songbirds, reported this week were 87 MARSH WREN, 31 YELLOW WARBLERS, and 38 INDIGO BUNTINGS.

WHITE IBIS was also found at Gordon's Pond in Cape Henlopen State Park. A single bird was found on Saturday and two nearly adult birds were found at the north end of the pond on Sunday. Also reported was 4 TRICOLORED HERONS plus 24 SNOWY EGRETS. Shorebirds seen included PIPING PLOVER, plus 3 BLACK-NECKED STILTS, BLACK-BELLIED PLOVER, 2 RED KNOT, DUNLIN, SPOTTED, and SEMIPALMATED SANDPIPER. TERNS seen included ROYAL, LEAST, and 2 BLACK SKIMMERS. SALTMARSH SPARROW was found out in the marsh along the Lewes-Rehoboth canal along with 10 SEASIDE SPARROWS. A late male ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK was found at the trailhead near Rehoboth today. BROWN-HEADED NUTHATCH, PINE and PRAIRIE WARBLERS were found in the woods.

There are still lots of shorebirds at Mispillion Inlet at the DuPont Nature Center. Reported this week were 400 RUDDY TURNSTONES, 1500 SEMIPALMATED SANDPIPERS, 40 DUNLIN, plus AMERICAN OYSTERCATCHER, BLACK-NECKED STILT, RED KNOT, and WHITE-RUMPED SANDPIPER. SALTMARSH SPARROW was found along the entrance road along with CLAPPER RAIL. ROYAL TERN was found on the pilings by the observation deck, plus flyby BLACK SKIMMERS.

BLACK SKIMMER and LEAST TERN were also found along Prime Hook Beach Road at Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge near Milton. Shorebirds seen included BLACK-NECKED STILT, SANDERLING, SEMIPALMATED, LEAST, and WHITE-RUMPED SANDPIPER, BLACKBELLIED and SEMIPALMATED PLOVER. A REEVE, a.k.a. female RUFF was photographed at Prime Hook last week near Cods Road. WILLOW FLYCATCHER was reported at Fowler's Beach. PROTHONOTARY WARBLER and GRASSHOPPER SPARROW were reported at Deep Branch Road.

RED-HEADED WOODPECKER continues to be reported along the Herring Creek trail on Angola Neck. A NORTHERN PARULA was reported near Angola in a yard this week. CANADA WARBLER was reported near the cross country track at Indian River High School in Dagsboro, along with VESPER SPARROW. A late MAGNOLIA WARBLER was seen in West Rehoboth at Canal Pointe.

Two COMMON NIGHTHAWKS was seen flying over Cape Henlopen State Park at Fort Miles, Two CHUCKS-WILL-WIDOW calling behind the Seaside Nature Center. EASTERN WHIPPOORWILL was heard calling at Oyster Rock Road at Prime Hook. Both CHUCK-WILLS-WIDOW and WHIPPOORWILL were found calling along Broadkill Beach Road early Sunday morning.

In western Sussex County, NORTHERN BOBWHITE was found at Oak Grove. MEADOWLARK and GRASSHOPPER SPARROW were at Passwater Farms near Bridgeville. A SUMMER TANAGER was found at the Chapel Branch Nature Area near Seaford.

SUMMER TANAGER and YELLOW-THROATED WARBLER were found along the Big Stone Beach Road in Milford Neck Wildlife Area. Four SALTMARSH SPARROWS were photographed at Bennett's Pier near Bower's Beach. NORTHERN HARRIER and VIRGINIA RAIL was found along the Pickering Beach Road along with SEASIDE SPARROW and MARSH WREN. A few late shorebirds at Port Mahon included 1 RED KNOT, 10 SANDERLING, 5 LEAST SANDPIPERS, and a SEMIPALMATED PLOVER plus RUDDY TURNSTONES and WILLET. A LEAST BITTERN was seen as a flyby at Little Creek Wildlife Management Area, Port Mahon impoundment. GREEN HERON and ORCHARD ORIOLE were reported at Cheswold. A PROTHONOTARY WARBLER was found along the Hawkey Branch off Route 9, north of Bombay Hook. CLIFF SWALLOWS were found at the Fleming's Landing Bridge along Route 9 at the Smyrna River.

BOAT-TAILED GRACKLE continues to be seen at the North Appoquinimink Creek Bridge along Route 9 near Odessa. CLIFF SWALLOWS are nesting under the bridge. Also reported was a calling CLAPPER/ KING RAIL. LEAST BITTERN was seen at Grier's Pond at Thousand Acre Marsh. A MUTE SWAN flew over at the Mike Castle Trail near Delaware City. BOBWHITE, YELLOW-BILLED CUCKOO, YELLOW WARBLER and YELLOW-BREASTED CHAT were also reported. The Heron Watch at Veteran's Park in Delaware City on Wednesday saw 2 YELLOW-CROWNED and 14 BLACK-CROWNED NIGHT HERONS, plus 220 GLOSSY IBIS, 87 LITTLE BLUE HERONS, and 180 CATTLE EGRETS. Five BALD EAGLES and several OSPREYS were also seen.

A late AMERICAN REDSTART was reported at Brandywine Hundred along Namannn's Creek. EASTERN MEADOWLARK was found at Brandywine Creek State Park, along with PRAIRIE and YELLOW WARBLER by the entrance booth. SCARLET TANAGER, VEERY and WOOD THRUSH were found in the woods along the creek. BARRED OWL and WILLOW FLYCATCHER were found at Alapocos Run State Park in Wilmington.

A fledgling BARRED OWL was found along the creek at Middle Run Natural Area on Tuesday. YELLOW-BILLED CUCKOO, LOUISIANA WATERTHRUSH and lots of CEDAR WAXWINGS were also seen. AMERICAN REDSTART and NORTHERN PARULA were seen at Hopkins and Creek Road in White Clay Creek State Park.

The PEREGRINE FALCONS continue to be seen in downtown Wilmington. There are four fledged young on the nest box, on the Brandywine Building along Pennsylvania Ave. A SNOW GOOSE was seen at the Peterson Urban Wildlife Refuge along Wilmington's riverfront. WILLOW FLYCATCHER was calling at the Peterson refuge. Also seen were NORTHERN ROUGH-WINGED SWALLOW, MARSH WREN, YELLOW WARBLER, and ORCHARD ORIOLE.

Thanks to everybody that contributed this week, including, Mike Hudson, Karyn Campanelli, Bill Haldeman, Mike Epler, Lana Glass, Damon Orsetti, Jennifer Christy, Dean Coffin, Kelly Schaeffer, Joel Martin, Al Guarente, Susie Ball, Jeff Holmes, Keith Leonard, Chris Bennett, Anthony Gonzon, Phil Thompson, Bob Edelen, Robert Blye, George Armistead, Ian Stewart, Rich Clifton, Hannah Greenberg Kelly Nunn, Dave Fees, Bill Stewart, Kim Steininger, Holly Merker, Brian Henderson, John Long, Jerald and Aaron Reb, Ken Wat, Teddy Burke, Gerry Teig, Derek Stoner, Chris Rowe, Lynn Smith, Sharon Lynn, Sue Gruver, Alissa Kegelman, and Joe Russell. Remember, the birdline needs your sightings. Please call your reports into 302-792-9591 or email Until next week, this is Andy Ednie wishing you good birding!

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