Grace Pierce-Beck Honored
By National Audubon

Grace Pierce-Beck was given a standing ovation by Auduboners at the National Audubon Biennial Convention in Washington, D.C., when she was awarded the National Audubon Society's Charles H. Callison Award "in recognition of creativity, cooperation, persuasion, patience, and perseverance in promoting the Audubon cause." Grace is the second chapter volunteer to be honored with this award.Photo:  Grace Pierce-Beck

For the past eleven years, Grace has been Delaware Audubon's Conservation Chairperson. Her many responsibilities include watchdogging conservation issues, legislation and regulations, alerting Delaware Audubon's membership when public support for an issue is needed, attending conferences, and serving on various boards and committees. She has served as Program Chairperson, Vice President, and President of the Delaware chapter.

Grace has belonged to the Audubon Society for about 15 years. She views her work as an investment in the future. Coastal issues – the clean air, water, and lands that are vital to our survival – are of primary importance to her. "Preventing the repeal of our environmental laws and progress that we've made over the past 25 years is the biggest challenge for environmental groups right now," she says. "A second challenge is educating the public on what technology is doing to and for our environment."

Grace currently lives in Dover. She has three married children and seven grandchildren. Her hobbies include watercolor painting, beachcombing, and golf.

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